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Posted: 5 days

Email validation before sending Sendgrid request

I have an email subscription field in my footer, that I'm using to send via Sendgrid. I'm trying to figure out how to make sure the email field isn't blank before I send the request to Sendgrid.

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Posted: 1 week

Ability to keep running an iOS app in the background

I am currently building an iOS app that watches for the user's sleep and carries out some functionality. I want a way to keep the app running in the background. I tried BGAppRefreshTask and other ways that are provided by the new BackgroundTasks framework. None of those run continuously in the background. Is there any way that I can run some code in the background when the app is not in foreground on iOS?

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Posted: 4 weeks

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Posted: 5 weeks

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Posted: 6 weeks

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