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"I am a dev. I get stuck, and many times, I would rather just pay someone $100 to get some react or python code working. Small things." - from IndieHackers

Like Stackoverflow meets codementor, without the fluff

Like Stackoverflow meets codementor, without the fluff

Stuck on something?

List your problem, set a bounty, get unblocked.

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Solve problems and earn.

Any skill level, any language, any framework

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For Learners

List your code problem. Solve it with a code expert. Fast. Text-based. Frictionless.

For Devs

Get others unblocked for cash. Solve once, earn twice with recurring revenue from solving the same issue.

Help others who run into the same problem unlock your solution for a small fee.

Earn money back for yourself and the developer who solved it. Everybody wins!

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